Education and the Impact The White House is Having

The land of the free and home of the beaver may soon have another predator. The US government has increased its investigations into potential dangers in laptops, as well as computers and even briefcases that contain personal information. Personal laptops and even briefcases that have been full of data are now under investigation. The Transportation Safety Administration, state department of homeland Security and the Secret Service are all pursuing criminal and civil charges against those who possess or transmit top secret information.

As a result of these investigations, some occupied laptop computers have been turned over to the custody of the government. The purchasers have been told that they are not allowed to communicate about the purchaser’s activities while using the computers. Purchasers must turn over their keys and pass a government-approved tamper-proof badge. It is obvious that terrorist organizations are examining laptop computers for means of planning attacks. The defense staff at the White House has informed Congress that it is not known whether foreign governments are penetrating theidential computerand its associated data.

If a laptop contains sensitive data, it should be destroyed as well as its memory. The Washington Post quoted a Department of the Air Force general as saying that “If we found that a foreign nation was penetrating our computers, they could not get into the email of the president”.The General also said that “The most important thing is that if we find foreign government penetrated our systems, they will be treated as traitors, and they will be treated accordingly”.

There are many laptops and computers in the White House. The compromise of one contains the data of many. The laptops and computers in the executive mansion have been turned over to house staff who discard them as they are no longer needed. There is a stringent rule in place about the use of laptops and other electronic devices in the executive mansion. If laptops are not disposed of when the president goes anywhere, they will be checked up when the president returns.

The laptops are not just for use by the president. The Defense Department and the joint staff have laptops available for official use. Other laptops owned by the government include those in the hands of Congress. There are hundreds of court exhibits in the hands of Congress, the federal courts, and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has had only one computer since 1789, when it was installed in the building. There are renowned companies that specialize in water damage restoration. In addition, the government has contractors who restore old Lincoln insult and Ben Franklin voyage.

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